Fund Structure

Transparency.  Liquidity.  Results.

Hayden Capital is a New York Registered Investment Advisor, that manages capital via separately managed accounts (SMAs). Interactive Brokers acts as the custodian, with all investment accounts held in the clients’ name. What this means is that clients will have full transparency to the investments in their accounts, as well as the ability to deposit/withdraw funds at any time. We believe this structure to be the most beneficial and in the best interests of our clients.

Given our long investment horizon, we recommend that clients only invest assets with at least a 3 year timeframe. We are investors, not traders, and hope our clients invest in us with a similar mentality.

Hayden Capital has a partnership mentality (despite the SMA structure).  Since nearly all of our portfolio manager’s and his family’s net worth are invested in the Fund, you can rest assured that our money will be invested right next to yours.  By doing so, we believe this incentivizes us to continually strive for the best risk-adjusted returns, and allows us to grow our net worth alongside our clients.